One vs. Two

Have you ever wondered about the return on your investment of adding a second photographer? I am going to show you examples of a few weddings I have had the honor of capturing with a second photographer compared to weddings where it's just me, myself, and I. While most of my clients opt to just hire me for their special day, this doesn't mean their wedding story is slighted in any way. I make sure to cover all aspects of their day just as I would if I had an assistant. The only difference is the story is told through one perspective vs. two.

Wedding Details/Prep:

99% of the time you cannot tell from these photos whether or not two photographers captured the images. The benefit of having two photographers during this photo time is the ability for us to "divide and conquer." Two photographers can capture more details/prep moments in one-hour vs. a solo photographer trying to capture details and bridal party prep photos. Therefore, each of us can spend more time hanging with the bride or groom before the ceremony capturing all of the special moments leading up to the final hour.

Formal Photos: Depending on the flow of my couple's day, sometimes it works best for one photographer to capture the formal photos of the bride and her maids while the other photographer captures formal photos of the groom and his men. This also ensures that the groom is pre-occupied so the chances of him seeing his beautiful bride before the ceremony is very slim. Having two photographers during this photo time also allows for more time to be creative. The same goes for bride & groom photos. These photos are typically more romantic in nature so having a second photographer allows for different angles which yields more photos during this time.


This is where your return on your investment pays B-I-G. Imagine, one photographer is down front capturing all of the emotions of the bride as she walks down the aisle while the second photographer is in the back capturing the groom's face when he sees his bride walking towards him; capturing the happy tears on the mother of the bride's face when she sees her beautiful daughter, and perhaps capturing a sweet moment between a bride and her father just minutes before walking down the aisle. While I try my hardest to anticipate moments like this for all of my weddings, it is often not possible to capture it all when it's just me.


No two weddings are alike. No two photographers see things the same way. Between first dances, wedding guests "getting down," the bride and groom "working the room" to greet all guests, and other special moments that occur during a reception - you better believe four eyes are better than two.

If you have any questions about adding a second photographer to your wedding package, please feel free to contact me directly. I will be happy to help you determine your best option.

Erin + Nathan | Timberlake Earth Sanctuary Two Wedding Photographers

Meghan + Chris | Lake Wylie Two Wedding Photographers

Brock + Kelley | Cedarock Park One Wedding Photographer

Morgan + Bradyn | The Diamond Room One Wedding Photographer