An Introvert and Her Camera

I thought it would be fun to share more about myself than you probably want to know, but more importantly, to express how I think and feel as an introverted photographer. This industry is flooded with extroverts and that can be challenging for an introvert. I sometimes feel as though I have a few more hurdles to jump over than the extroverts.

So, what is an introvert? Being an introvert does not mean that I am shy nor does it mean that I am socially awkward (okay, I admit I have my moments). It simply means that as an introvert, I gain strength from solitude. I live a chaotic life. Bouncing around between my day job, wifely duties, and photography duties, can leave me exhausted. However, my exhaustion doesn’t necessarily come from all of the physical running around. When my day is consumed with lots of people interaction, I become drained very quickly. Think of it like this: When I start my day, my introverted battery life is at 100%. If it’s a weekday, my battery life is probably at 50% by the end of my workday. Most of the time, I spend my weekday evenings at home so my battery life doesn’t drain much past 50%. On the other hand, if it were a weekend and I had several sessions booked in one day and then had a social gathering to attend that evening, my introverted battery life would drain very fast. The only way for me (the introvert) to recharge, is to return to my quiet little world. Whereas, extroverts tend to recharge from the people surrounding them.

So, if you don’t prefer to engage with large groups for an extended period of time, how can you be a successful wedding photographer? Great question! One would think weddings would turn away introverted photographers since they usually bring in large crowds. However, it’s quite the opposite because it’s not my wedding which means I’m neither the center of attention, nor the hostess or a guest. I get to stand from afar (for most of the day), hide behind my lens, and only engage with people at certain points of the day. I get to spend the day in my own little bubble, capturing a beautiful love story with my camera.