From Prep to Yep

One of the services I offer my wedding couples is a wedding day timeline crafted specifically for their special day. A lot of times, brides create their own wedding day timeline. However, most brides have never been brides before. Do you see the dilemma? Having a wedding professional, whether it be a wedding coordinator or photographer, craft your wedding day timeline will benefit you in the long run. As your wedding photographer, I will be with you throughout the entire day so it naturally makes sense for me to map out your timeline.

Every wedding is unique. Some couples opt for "first look" sessions while some are more traditional. All of the elements of your wedding day play into how your day will flow. At our final meeting (usually scheduled a month out from your wedding date), we will map out your entire day from prep to yep (ok, really until your send-off, but 'send-off' didn't rhyme with 'prep' hence why I used 'yep' and it works because after all, it's the day you say "yes, I will be yours forever"). When crafting your timeline, my main objective is to ensure that every moment of your day is captured whether you purchased six hours or eight hours of wedding day photography coverage.

The timeline shown below gives you a great idea of how your day will flow (without a first look session) give or take a few tweaks.

I look forward to working with each of my couples this year and hope this gives you a better take on what to expect from JSP!