When I’m not gushing over pretty little details and love stories, you can find me spending time with my wonderful husband, Matt, our beautiful baby girl, Emmie, and loving on my sweet fur babies, Walker, Maddie & Mollie. Like most southern ladies, I enjoy a cup of warm coffee in the morning, a cold glass of sweet tea in the evenings, and the occasional glass of red wine with my favorite people. My guilty pleasure is reality television and doing unnecessary shopping (my husband can vouch for both of these things).

is getting to know you two as a couple!

I will squeal in excitement with you as you slip into your beautiful dress. I will cry when you walk down the aisle to your best friend. I will cheer when you have your first kiss as husband + wife, and I will dance with you when the 

True story: I had no idea I wanted to be a wedding photographer, until I became one. I had always dreamed of being in front of the camera, not behind it. I was a ballerina. I loved performing at recitals. And I’m pretty sure if I had pursued acting, I would probably be a big soap opera star today (apparently, my family thinks I’m overdramatic - I will let you be the judge of that).


When my brother died unexpectedly two days before Christmas in 2013, my entire life changed. As I was looking through pictures of my brother’s life, I discovered just how powerful photographs are. Photographs bring back memories, emotions, and happiness. Photographs are healing. I sincerely believe that photography found me during a time in my life when I was desperate to fill a painful void. While nothing in this world can replace my brother and the love I have for him, photography has allowed me to “feel” again.

I have a burning desire to preserve life’s real, emotional, and beautiful moments. Building long-lasting friendships with my couples, capturing their genuine interactions, and telling their story is what inspires me. Love is a rare and beautiful thing that I will never stop getting excited about. It's a sweet smile. It's a kiss on the forehead. It's a handwritten love letter. It's the expression on the groom's face when he sees his bride for the first time. It's laughter that fills the room when family joins together in celebration. It's an emotional father dancing with his daughter on her wedding day. It's a grandmother dancing the night away at her grandson's wedding. It's a romantic kiss under the moonlight as two people start a beautiful life together. My shooting style is very candid and relaxed. Unless I direct you to look at the camera, I aim to capture you just as you are.